YouTuber who bought parents dream home hopes to inspire other young people

Twenty-year-old YouTuber Adam Beales, from Londonderry, says he hopes he can inspire other young people after his internet success meant he could buy his parents their dream home.

Just five years ago, when he was only 15, he told his parents he was going to be a YouTuber.

Now, known as Adam B, he has nearly three million subscribers who follow his channel to watch his witty antics and pranks.

Fans have since watched as Adam bought mum Edelle, dad Paul and little brother Callum the house of their dreams.

“Seeing my mum and dad's reactions, and Callum’s, it was so funny,” he said.

“I guess I always wanted to give back - my parents have done nothing but support me since I started YouTube.”

Adam's parents had no idea he was going to prank them in such an amazing way, with the video of their reactions viewed over a million times.

“It kind of scares you what he can do behind the scenes," his dad Paul told UTV.

“He's pulled some clangers in his time, but this is up there - you can't top this one. What a dream, your son buying you a house.”

His mum Edelle said: “I’m so, so proud."

“I love it, I love the house,” little brother Callum added.

They believed in me and I thought it would be a massive gift to give back to them.

Adam B, YouTuber

It was a surprise a year in the making, then lockdown happened the day after Adam B got the keys and delayed the big reveal.

He keep it all secret until the all-clear to move in was given.

The whole family are involved in Adam B's channel and he is known online all over the world.

But home is where the heart is for the young man who hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams.

“I really do champion people who do things that are not normal, they take a different path," he said.

"And I hope my story can at least inspire some younger kids who are probably looking at a similar route.”