Another person who tested positive for coronavirus in Northern Ireland has sadly died in the last 24 hours, according to the Department of Health.

The latest data puts the official death toll at 523.

However, Department of Health daily figures result in a total that differs significantly from those published by the NI Statistics and Research Agency, due to different data recording methods.

NISRA put the death toll at 716 as of 22 May.

Of the deaths recorded by the Department of Health, 184 were in care home settings.

Earlier on Sunday, First Minister Arlene Foster told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that ministers were “very, very conscious of the difficulties in care homes”.

The DUP leader said: “If we have a low number of deaths in the first place, then understandably you are going to have a concentration where there are old and vulnerable people…

“We will look back and there will be plenty of time to look back at how we dealt with this virus.”

There are currently 71 active coronavirus outbreaks in care homes across Northern Ireland, while 55 clusters have been closed.

Mrs Foster has also defended Northern Ireland’s manual contact tracing system, which is following up about 30 positive cases a day.

Apps are expected to be used in the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain which are not compatible with each other, posing challenges for a country like Northern Ireland.

The First Minister said: “We are making good progress.”

College graduates, doctors and nurses have been recruited for up to two years to help in the process.

Mrs Foster added: “It is forming the corner stone of coming out of lockdown and being able to relax these regulations.”

UK-wide, the coronavirus-related death toll has risen to 38,489.

A further 113 deaths have been recorded, but weekend figures can be lower due to a reporting lag.

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