Week 11 and my return to work is now in sight. While I’m happy I made the decision to prolong my maternity leave given the circumstances, I’m really looking forward to it.

Gabriel got his 12-month jabs, including the MMR. It was cute to catch the other two consoling him before we left, relieved it wasn’t them. Emily was convinced he knew the fate that awaited him as she told me he "shivered" in response: a baby’s premonition.

The GP’s surgery is very different from before. We had to wait in the car park until we were called and the nurse revealed uptake of the vaccine is down from almost 100 to 50%. A worrying reminder of the wider impact of this crisis.

June brought a new value from school. This month - gratitude.

We were encouraged by the principal to create a gratitude jar - to think of and write what we are thankful for and to do it often. It’s a secret process and I look forward to discovering what the children are grateful for. My ego is secretly hoping I make the cut.

What are you thankful for? Credit: Sarah Clarke

Gabriel is as obsessed as ever with the Aladdin’s Cave that is the dishwasher, immediately dropping whatever he’s doing when he hears it pop open, then moving at speed to put himself in danger. I’m sure he’d climb into it if he got the chance.

This week’s new game, however, is putting a ball, any ball, into the toilet as he might a basketball in a net. Gross, I know. We’re on high alert to prevent it happening again.

My hubbie has renamed it ‘Splash Dunk’ - a nod to the Last Dance sports documentary following Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls - another of our most recent TV viewings.

We took a walk in Hillsborough forest park with my mum and sister-in-law. It was a reminder of the beauty on our doorstep and the restorative power of nature. It was also surprisingly quiet.

A little spot of tree climbing. Credit: Sarah Clarke

News that hotels and restaurants down south are to reopen soon was met with what could only be described as elation. Rory and I immediately began furtively searching for potential holiday destinations.

I say furtively as Daniel has introduced a no phones day - at his discretion. A very sensible and adult decree.

It’s a habit we will definitely try to acquire and one which I will remind his teenage self of - when the tables have turned.

We all need to switch off sometimes. Credit: Sarah Clarke