Belfast man captures second rare blue whale sighting in weeks

Sean Keenan's first sighting of a blue whale off the Australian coast in August made headlines around the world. Credit: Sean Keenan/@seansperception

A Belfast man who captured what was billed as the first confirmed sighting of a blue whale off the east coast of Australia in 100 years has done it again just weeks later.

Sean Keenan moved Down Under six years ago and has become a regular whale-watcher, but was stunned when he caught one of the majestic creatures on camera in August.

Now, he says lightning does indeed strike twice.

Posting more video footage on Instagram, he said: “I can’t believe I’m writing this again, but hoping this is something that will become more common in our waters…

“Feeling totally overwhelmed and shocked that I’ve came across two of these majestic and mysterious animals in a matter of weeks. ”

I thought once was lucky, but this I can’t comprehend.

Sean Keenan

Blue whales are endangered, but their numbers are actually increasing at the moment.

While there have been two unofficial reports of blue whales being spotted off the Australian east coast – one in 2002 and one in 2013 – Sean’s August sighting appears to be the first in 100 years to be verified.

It made headlines around the world and his video racked up millions of views online.

No doubt the second sighting will also cause excitement, especially among those hoping – like Sean – that they become less rare.