NISRA reports NI Covid-19 deaths totalled 755 by June

Parts of NI have had restrictions tightened to try to limit the spread of Covid-19. Credit: PA

This year's Covid-19 related deaths in Northern Ireland totalled 755 by the end of June, according to new quarterly figures released by NISRA.

It was therefore the main underlying cause in 91% of fatalities that have mentioned the disease on the death certificate.

The report revealed that 4,684 people here died between 1st April and 30th June, and that Covid-19 was recorded as the underlying cause of 732 of these deaths. Equating to 15.6% of the total fatalities in that quarter.

In comparison NISRA's weekly statistics recorded 830 Covid-19 related deaths that mentioned Covid-19 on the death certificate during that period.

People aged over 75 accounted for two-thirds (66.2%) of all deaths and 80.5% of deaths that mentioned Covid-19 on the death certificate.

Quarterly figure breakdown:

  • The number of deaths caused by cancer totalled 1,117 and accounted for 25.% of the total number of deaths, lower than the average over the previous 5 years (28.3%).

  • The number of deaths from coronary heart disease and respiratory conditions totalled 410 and 327 respectively, lower than the average over the previous 5 years.

  • 43 deaths caused by intentional self-harm were recorded.

  • 2,625 births were recorded. 1,344 males and 1,281 females.

  • 169 marriages took place. This number is significantly lower than the same period last year because of coronavirus restrictions.