Two more coronavirus-related deaths in NI

Parts of NI are under tighter restrictions to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Credit: PA

There have been two more coronavirus-related deaths in Northern Ireland, according to the Department of Health – one in the last 24 hours and one outside that time not previously reported.

The latest data shows 163 people have tested positive in the last 24-hour reporting period, out of 3,872 tested.

There have been 763 positive cases in the last seven days.

The latest figures put the official death toll at 575 - however, that figure is expected to rise significantly when deaths in all community settings are accounted for.

According to separate data from the NI Statistics and Research Agency (Nisra), the number of deaths linked to Covid-19 had already reached 755 by June.

Twenty-one people who have tested positive are currently in hospital, with four in intensive care and three on ventilators.

There are currently 27 confirmed Covid-19 outbreaks in care homes across Northern Ireland and a further 11 suspected cases.

Parts of Northern Ireland, largely in Co Antrim - including Belfast City Council area, Ballymena town, BT43, BT28 and BT29 - have had tighter restrictions imposed to try to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The BT60 area, which covers parts of Co Armagh, has been added to the list of areas where restrictions are in place.

People in affected areas are not allowed to mix between households, except to allow for support "bubbles" or in other exceptional circumstances. Travelling outside those areas is also being discouraged.

The reopening of so-called “wet pubs” that do not serve food has been pushed back to Wednesday 23 September.