Education Minister announces more money for childminders

The closing date for applications has also been extended to 2 October Credit: PA

An increase in the amount of money childminders receive has been announced by the Education Minister Peter Weir.The Minister has agreed to award an additional £300 to childminders for the period of the fund, which ran between July and August.The £10.5million Childcare Recovery Support Fund was launched in July to provide a level of financial support to assist the reopening of childcare provision.The Scheme aimed to ensure childcare was available, as far as possible, for parents who needed it, to support economic recovery and return to work in line with the Executive’s Covid-19 Recovery Plan.The increase will mean that the amount available to childminders will rise from £300 to £600.Those open from 8 August to 31 August will be entitled to £450, up from £150.In addition, the closing date for applications has been extended to 2 October 2020 to enable those that have not already applied to do so.

Education Minister Peter Weir Credit: PA

All childminders will be contacted with details about the increase in award in the coming days and the extension to the closing date for those that have not already applied.