Meet our Pride of Britain 2020 winner for Northern Ireland

Liam McHugh with his daughter Rachel - his inspiration for fundraising for cystic fibrosis Credit: UTV

Meet our Pride of Britain Winner for 2020; father, runner, and fundraiser Liam McHugh.

Liam has been raising awareness and funds for those who life with cystic fibrosis in Northern Ireland, including this daughter and inspiration, Rachel.

His efforts saw Rachel receive a life-transforming drug for the condition called Orkambi.

In 2019, Liam was one of the key figures behind a campaign which led the Department of Health to confirm its intention to make the drug available through the NHS to eligible patients here.

Upon receiving the Pride of Britain Award, Liam said it all started with the love he had for his daughter.

You (Rachel) started the whole thing off, my love for you.

Liam McHugh, Pride of Britain 2020 winner

He said: "People used to say to me, why are you still campaigning whenever Rachel's got this drug? And I say, well I know how good this drug is and it wouldn't be very kind, it would be selfish of me, if I thought just because Rachel's got it, that I don't need to bother about everyone else.

"We're all a CF family and I wanted everyone to benefit from what Rachel was getting - now it's happening and it's a dream come true."

Rachel told UTV she was so proud of her Dad and that the award was a welcome belated birthday present.

She added: "He doesn't do it for me, he does it for everybody with CF, so that's why it's even more special."

  • WATCH: UTV's Paul Reilly presents Liam with the Pride of Britain Award 2020