Disabled dog rescued from China helping NI pupils through pandemic

Henry Wee Wheels is a rescue dog from China who now lives with his owner in Northern Ireland, gets around in a specially adapted wheelchair, and helps provide emotional support for young children.

A rescue dog who needs a wheelchair to get around is helping to teach primary school children in Northern Ireland how to live life to the full, despite the global pandemic.

Henry Wee Wheels, as the toy poodle is affectionately known, had been left to die in China after suffering terrible injuries in an attack by another dog.

Henry Wee Wheels now zips around thanks to his special wheelchair. Credit: UTV

His broken back left him unable to walk, but his now owner Sharon Warnock heard about his plight and flew him from China to Northern Ireland to live with her.

And his specially adapted wheelchair has since given him a new lease of life.

“I think a lot of people initially feel sorry for Henry,” Sharon told UTV.

“And really there’s no need to feel sorry for Henry – Henry is a very cheeky little dog that can look after himself and can teach us all so much.”

Now Henry attends classes at Moira Primary School, giving young children a boost both academically and emotionally.

Henry and Sharon visiting Moira Primary School. Credit: UTV

“The children see Henry as a trusted friend, as a confidante,” Principal Colin Ford said.

“Children will give information to him that they wouldn’t necessarily give to another adult within the school or even to other children, in the worry that maybe children would go and tell others.

“So he really is that confidential friend and provides that opportunity for the children to offload.” Barbara McCann reports: