Human cost of Covid-19 as patients’ families wait and hope

A son has spoken to UTV about the moment his mother waved goodbye as she was rushed to hospital – all he wants is to hold her hand as she fights for life in intensive care.

But Josephine McNaughton’s family have been left distraught that they cannot be with her when she needs them most.

The 64-year-old does have underlying conditions, but was full of life and laughs until Covid struck.

Days later, she was rushed to the Mater Hospital and has since been moved to the Nightingale and is in intensive care and on a ventilator.

Anthony speaks to UTV in an emotional interview. Credit: UTV

Addressing those flouting the rules, Josephine’s son Anthony said: “It’s only really a matter of time until it comes to their door.

“It’s came to my door and it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody. It’ll come to them and it’ll affect them and it’ll probably open their eyes that they were wrong.”

But now all he wants is to be there to comfort his mum, to hold her hand and talk.

“Just be there for her, so she’s not worrying, just to comfort her,” he said, in an emotional interview.

“It’s just really unimaginable to think what way it’ll leave my family.”