Reward offered to catch those who tortured rabbit in Newcastle

This video contains distressing images
  • Viewers may find some details and images distressing

A reward has been offered for information that helps catch those responsible for torturing and killing a rabbit in a case of animal cruelty that has shocked the town of Newcastle in Co Down.

The animal was found tied to a rocket earlier this week by a retired school teacher and her friend.

Sister Theresa was helping to administer a food donation service when the gruesome discovery was made in the street.

“We just said to each other: ‘I wonder was the poor rabbit was still alive when they tied the rocket round its neck?’” she told UTV.

“And if people could do that to a rabbit, what could they do to other people?”

Struggling to comprehend the motives of those that carried out this barbaric attack, the USPCA is offering a £500 reward for information that leads to a conviction.

“Around Halloween, we always tell people to keep their companion animals indoors,” Colleen Tinley, from the organisation, said.

“Unfortunately, this wild animal has fallen victim to this. This is their native habitat, they should be able to roam around freely. This should not have happened to this rabbit.”