Tiny kitten rescued from Ballymena rooftop in nick of time

Little Cosy was heard in distress on the roof of a bar in Ballymena, Co Antrim. Credit: Cats Protection

A nine-week-old kitten has been rescued from the roof of a bar in Ballymena just in time to avoid becoming prey for opportunistic magpies.

The tiny kitty, found on top of the Cosy Corner on William Street in the Co Antrim town, is thought to be feral and only just past the age at which he could have naturally left his mother.

It is unclear how he came to be on the roof, but a real community effort led to his rescue.

Passer-by Ashley Rodgers became concerned when she heard the kitten’s distressed cries while on her way to work at nearby Camerons department store, prompting her to make some calls for help.

Volunteers from Cats Protection’s Ballymena branch were able, with the help of Cosy Corner staff, to gain access to the roof and coax the forlorn little ginger-and-white kitten to them with treats.

Now named Cosy, he was found to be very cold and suffering from kitten flu which can be deadly if left untreated.

This was a real group effort – spurred on by community spirit and genuine concern for Cosy.

Cats Protection

“We are so relieved to have been able to rescue little Cosy,” Cats Protection branch co-ordinator Colin said.

“He is already purring up a storm and very much enjoying the heat-pad provided by his fosterer – he’s an absolute love-bug.

“We are sure he’s had human kindness shown to him in the past as he was understandably initially scared, but has been quick to enjoy the novelty of being stroked and wasn’t at all fearful once we had given him his own warm bed.

“He’s even tolerating his eye medication very well.”

Cosy will receive veterinary treatment before being rehomed. Credit: Cats Protection

He added: “As well as members of the public, we were also in touch with Jane - the bar’s proprietor - the local council and police. Everyone was working together to make the rescue happen.

“We would like to thank all the people who helped us get little Cosy down.

“Without everyone’s wonderful co-operation, he would still be up there in the cold and almost certainly wouldn’t have survived the night.”

According to Cats Protection, Cosy has already been reserved for adoption and will be going to a new home once he has received veterinary treatment for his kitten flu.

He will be neutered, vaccinated and up to date with his flea and worm treatments before he goes home and the organisation will also look for Cosy’s mother and any possible siblings to ensure they are healthy and neutered to prevent other future unwanted litters.

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