Intensive care nurse loses husband to Covid on same ward where she works

An intensive care nurse at Antrim Area hospital whose husband died of Covid-19 on the same ward she works says her life has been "blown to pieces."

53-year-old Alan Henry, a grandfather from Ballymena, had previously worked on the rapid response team at the hospital.

Alan's widow Noeleen, says her husband's death is all the more heartbreaking as he was so close to receiving the vaccine.

Alan was looking forward to the birth of his fifth grandchild. Credit: Family photo

Noeleen said: "He was the love of my life. The problem is you go to sleep, you wake up and for a split second life's fine and then it just hits you.

"It literally feels like someone has put a bomb in the middle of my life and it's just been blown to pieces."

Alan, who had no underlying conditions, was admitted to the hospital for the second time on Christmas Eve.

His health deteriorated and he was put on life support on Boxing Day.

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Noeleen says her husband was scared.

"Whenever they went to intubate Alan, to put the tube in his throat, he started to cry."

Returning to work on New Year's Day, when Noeleen saw her husband in the intensive care ward she says she knew that he wasn't going to make it.

"The doctor's had actually shown me the chest x-rays and literally the Covid had eaten away at his lungs, there was actually no air entry left. So I knew the day before Alan died that that was it."

Credit: Family photo

Alan died last week, with his wife by his side.

"I feel so bad for every other Covid patient that their relatives aren't allowed in. As Alan passed away as much as I was crying, so was everybody else on the ward."

Noeleen is pleading with people to follow the regulations.

"Robin Swann, Michael McBride are asking you to literally stay home, that's it. Nothing more.

"Stay at home."