Dublin's St Patrick's Parade cancelled for second year

This year's St Patrick's Parade in Dublin has been cancelled, with celebrations held online instead.

The St Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin has been cancelled for the second year in a row over the coronavirus pandemic.

This year's events will instead be broadcast online from 12-17 March.

The revised programme promises rich and dynamic performances from hundreds of artists and musicians across Ireland.

It will run over six days and nights on St. Patrick's Festival TV, or 'SPF TV'.

In a statement, organisers said: "Through SPF TV, the world is invited to take a front row seat at St. Patrick’s Festival 2021, connecting our family of 80 million across the globe through music, theatre, art, performance, poetry, storytelling, traditional arts, tours, street and building lighting and art installations and much more."

The event organisers said they have had to reimage how to bring the tradition of the national parade to life through online.

"Through spectacle, marching bands, pageantry and ceremony, we are [sic] inviting audiences to participate virtually and enjoy safely from their homes until we can come together again."

Details of the festival's schedule will be announced over the coming weeks on festival's website.