Former NI footballer’s discovery of unheard 80s demo inspires charity single

Northern Ireland football legend Ian Stewart has told UTV how he discovered a 'never-before-heard’ cassette demo from the 80s, which has been become a charity single. 

'This Is Where It All Begins' by The Back Four is a song you may not be familiar with.

Its recording was handed to the Northern Ireland striker back in the 1980s by none other than Sex Pistols drummer, Paul Cook.

The demo was written by lead guitarist of Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow, Matthew Ashman and became something of a lost heirloom, until a recent lockdown spring clean.

"1985 and this is where I found it six months ago. I had heard them play it live many years ago but I knew that it was never released because it was probably a very pop orientated song, so I was quite excited,” Stewart said.

Stewart decided it was only right to give it a new lease of life with the help of Belfast group The Back Four.  He decided the proceeds should go towards raising awareness of Motor Neurone Disease, which claimed his mother's life.

He said: "Two years ago my mother died of MND and first of all it affected her speech, it was dreadful because my mum was a great communicator, and loved speaking to people and she was a people person and the last six months she was in a wheelchair, hardly able to speak.

“It was terrible. So if I can use any avenue to promote MND, I will do, whether it's football or music or anything else and hopefully in the next few years they'll get a cure for it."

The lost song is now an anthem for those living with MND and a tribute to a punk rock legend who continues to inspire musicians today.