PSNI officers attacked after call to 'hoax bomb' scene in Derry

Youths attack a PSNI vehicle in the Shantallow area Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

PSNI officers have been attacked with stones after attending the scene where a suspicious object was discovered in Londonderry.

Police attended to protect a bomb disposal unit at Templemore Road in the predominantly nationalist Shantallow area of Derry.

The incident was subsequently declared an “elaborate hoax” by police and the security alert ended shortly after 9pm.

Youths gather near PSNI vehicles in Shantallow Credit: Liam McBurney/PA

Roads had been closed for a time and the public asked to keep away after the alarm was raised on Easter Monday.

However, a number of youths attacked a PSNI vehicle, hurling stones and pieces of wood.

Footage circulated on social media that showed youths being chased away by armoured police vehicles.

The incident follows several nights of unrest, across Northern Ireland and including in Derry - however, it is not linked to the disorder in loyalist areas.