Young sportswomen inspired by NI women's Euro qualification

WATCH: Video report by Emma Patterson

The next generation of sporting stars were eagerly watching the Northern Ireland womens' historic achievement of getting through to the Euros for the very first time.

"Every girl I'm sure who plays sport here in the North at the minute wants to be like them - they're just a huge inspiration," young footballer Carrai Culbert told UTV.

"To see these girls who come from the same place as I do, to come so far. I can't even explain how much it means."

Northern Ireland's women celebrating after their Euro qualification Credit: Pacemaker

"I think it's just absolutely incredible. The success the girls had last night is just amazing to watch."

For Carrai, the achievement of Northern Ireland's women is about more than just her own love of the sport.

Carrai Culbert Credit: UTV

"Sport is just such a huge part of life here at schools and families but also my own personal life.

"Especially during Coronavirus, sport impacted by mental wellbeing so much and I'm sure it did many others as well.

"The success just means so much more to me and to many young girls across Northern Ireland."

Sophie Gargan plays for Northern Ireland under 17s, along with captaining Linfield Ladies under 15s team.

Sophie Gargan Credit: UTV

Seeing her heroes qualify for the Euros only makes her more determined to achieve her own ambitions.

"I can't explain how good it makes me feel as a player," she told UTV.

"I want to break in to the Linfield first team and the Northern Ireland Ladies first team and then excel from there - hopefully go across the water to England, or even bigger!

"It makes me proud to be part of the younger team and it can only get better from here with all the youth players coming up."