Most people have adapted well to living during pandemic according to academic

15042021 UTV Botanic Gardens
Many of us have spent more time outdoor to help with our physical and mental health during the pandemic. Credit: UTV

A leading psychiatrist has said most of in Northern Ireland have coped reasonably during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Ciaran Mulholland from Queen's University found that some of us have even thrived over the past year, even through the various lockdowns and restrictions.

However, experts have warned that it may take years before the full mental and physical effects of Covid-19 are truly felt.

Professor Siobhan O'Neill, Northern Ireland's Mental Health Champion is unsurprised by the data.

"We've been through a very very stressful experience and what we're trying to do is cope with that stress," Prof O'Neill told UTV.

"Obviously, it's better if we can use those Take 5 steps to wellbeing and connect and use physical activity and hobbies as ways of coping with stress.

Professor Siobhan O'Neill Credit: UTV

"It's very natural, normal that people will turn to alcohol and other substances and it's important that we recognise that it's a normal response to stress but we also put in place measures to help those people so we can turn this round very quickly."

UTV spoke to three people who have remained remarkably resilient throughout the pandemic.