Euro 2020 matches in Dublin ‘looking unlikely’ over crowd concerns

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said concerns over crowds at sporting events was an issue. Credit: PA

Dublin will almost certainly be stripped of its Euro 2020 hosting rights on Friday after Tánaiste Leo Varadkar admitted it was "too soon" to consider crowds at sports events.

The tournament has already been delayed by a year because of coronavirus, but is due to go ahead in June and July.

UEFA set an initial deadline of 7 April for the original 12 host cities to provide minimum guarantees of capacity, as it plans for at least a limited number of supporters being in attendance at the games amid the pandemic.

Nine of the cities have confirmed their plans, but Dublin, Bilbao and Munich have not.

Mr Varadkar told Today FM on Wednesday: "The last I heard was that the organisers (UEFA) were looking at us to commit to have at least 25% of the stadium full.

"We're cautious about that. We just think June is too soon. I think if they continue to insist on that, it will be hard for that to go ahead which is unfortunate."

UEFA's executive committee had initially been set to take a final decision on Euros hosting on Monday, but the decision of 12 of the continent's top clubs to announce they had signed up to a breakaway Super League forced a delay until Friday.

The committee said on Monday it had tasked the UEFA administration with "drawing up concrete proposals" ahead of a final decision.

The Football Association said England stands ready to host additional games if asked, and it is understood UEFA would not limit itself to playing matches only at existing venues.

There have also been reports that Russia may take on extra matches.