Redundancies at lowest level in a year as latest labour statistics report published

During April 110 redundancies were confirmed, the lowest monthly total since June 2020. Credit: PA

The number of confirmed redundancies is at its lowest level since June 2020, with 110.Despite this, 9,350 collective redundancies were proposed in the twelve months to the end of April, more than double the number recorded in the previous twelve months (4,950).

140 redundancies were proposed in the three month period February – April 2021 and a further 150 in the first two weeks of May.During April 110 redundancies were confirmed, the lowest monthly total since June 2020. This takes the annual total to 5,780, one of the highest since 2001.The NI unemployment rate for those over the age of sixteen was unchanged over the quarter and increased over the year (1.2pps) to 3.6% in January-March 2021. The annual change was statistically significant and is likely to reflect real change. The NI unemployment rate was below the UK rate (4.8%).The number of employees receiving pay through HMRC PAYE in NI in April 2021 was 740,200, a decrease of 0.2% over the month and over the year.Earnings from the HMRC PAYE indicated that NI employees had a median monthly pay of £1,826 in April 2021. This was an increase of 1.1% over the month and 9.9% over the year (from the recent low in April 2020).The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, which published the report, says

"The latest labour market data show that employment levels (which include furloughed jobs) remain below pre-covid levels, while measures of unemployment remain above pre-covid levels."

"The employment rate (69.1%) is now 2.8pps below the rate this time last year, and unemployment and economic inactivity rates are now 1.2pps and 2.1pps above. Although there were changes in labour market status for men and women over the year the changes for men were greater."The full report can be found here.