Victim still suffering night terrors as Belfast paedophile sentenced

A victim of convicted east Belfast paedophile Gavin Cuthbert has told UTV about suffering from night terrors and nightmares about his abuser, as police reveal more victims could still be out there.

Cuthbert and his brother Mark are already both serving sentences for grooming and sexually abusing young boys in the 1980s.

Their original sentences were later increased after they admitted yet more offences against another young victim.

However, Gavin Cuthbert has now found himself back in front of a judge over a new case with more overwhelming evidence.

He admitted more than 30 offences against three more boys, this time dating back to the 90s and as recently as 2018.

Convicted sex offender Gavin Cuthbert. Credit: UTV

The court heard that the victims were groomed and then treated “as if they were child prostitutes”.

And the assessment of both Judge Stephen Fowler QC and the Probation Board is that Cuthbert remains a danger.

He has been given a sentence of more than 11 years, half of which will be spent in jail.

One of Cuthbert’s victims, who was abused just a few years ago, let UTV see his victim impact statement which was submitted to the presiding judge.

“I suffer from night terrors and I have nightmares about my abuser,” he said.

“I sometimes wake up and see him standing at the edge of my bed which terrifies me.”

Both brothers had used every trick in the book to carry out their crimes, even providing a “tuck shop” in the house they lived in.

After abusing each boy, they let them pick what they wanted and gave them stern warnings about what would happen if they told anyone.

Police believe more victims could still be out there. Credit: UTV

While Cuthbert has been sentenced for more of his crimes, the case may not be closed for police.

They believe there are still more people out there living with the pain of what was done to them as children and are urging them to come forward.

Detective Constable Emma Lynch, from the PSNI’s Public Protection Branch, told UTV those victims who had already spoken to police had been “exceptionally brave”.

She added: “It’s been very difficult for them to come and speak to police, though a lot of them have found it very helpful as well to finally talk about what’s happened.

“For some of the victims, this one the first time they had told anyone about the abuse.”

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