Compliance specialists create 16 jobs in Northern Ireland

George McKinney, Director of Technology and Services, Invest NI with Orlagh Kelly, founder and Managing Director of Credit: Invest NI

A compliance specialists firm has announced the creation of 16 new jobs in Northern Ireland.

Barrister-led GDPR compliance specialists is investing over £760,000 to create the new remote-working positions and further develop training for its Northern Ireland team.

The company specialises in protecting clients from fines and possible prosecutions.

George McKinney, Director of Technology and Services at Invest Northern Ireland, welcomed the company’s investment: “ is an innovative locally-grown firm which is investing heavily in growing its customer base and ultimately driving sales growth. Since taking part in our Propel programme in 2013, we’ve worked in close partnership with the company to help it get to the level it is at now. We’ve offered it a strategic mix of support, from R&D to develop its digital platform, to advice on opportunities in the GB market.

“This latest investment will create 16 new jobs which will allow it to drive its growth in export markets and tap into the talent on offer across all of Northern Ireland. With highly competitive salaries, the jobs will contribute £730,000 in additional annual salaries towards the local economy.

“To complement the company’s growth, we’re also offering support towards a strategic skills development programme. This will upskill new and existing staff in key areas of management & leadership, digital sales, and cyber security, so that it can successfully service its customer base and secure new business in the growing cyber market.”

Invest NI has offered Briefed £158,998 of support towards the creation of the jobs and the company’s skills programme.

Orlagh Kelly, founder and Managing Director of Briefed, said: “Levels of non-compliance in data protection processes have left too many companies facing fines up to hundreds of thousands of pounds when their processes have been insufficient.  Many businesses now operate solely online, and a considerable amount of data is exchanged remotely, making them very vulnerable. The first time many know they have a problem is when they get a complaint and an investigation by the ICO.

“After successfully developing our GDPR compliance digital platform, our focus is to expand and bring more expertise in-house, so that we become the ‘go-to’ GDPR provider for companies. Invest NI’s most recent support is helping us to scale our business by creating 16 new jobs. We’ve focused on the GB market so far, but the growth of our team will help us secure wins in new markets, starting with RoI.

“By investing in our people and their skills, we will create a team that is fully equipped with the expertise and confidence to take our business to the next level internationally. The roles will also help us to increase our own online presence through digital sales, so that we can scale faster globally.”