Rescue teams retrieve adventurous dog trapped in coastal cave

Pup Roxy had to be rescued by Coleraine Coastguard after getting trapped in a coastal cave at Portbradden at the western end of Whiterocks Beach on the North Coast.
Pup Roxie was luckily none the worse for wear after the ordeal of getting trapped in a cave on the North Coast. Credit: Coleraine Coastguard

Rescuers have had to travel deep into a coastal cave on the North Coast to help a stricken dog who became trapped.

Roxie the terrier got stuck after slipping away from her owner to go exploring at Portbradden, at the western end of Whiterocks beach in Portrush.

Owner Angela, originally from Lisburn, but now living just outside Edinburgh, had been visiting Northern Ireland on a short trip when the ordeal happened.

“My spaniel Bella alerted me to where Roxie was in the cave. It was like a Lassie scenario,” she said.

And luckily for the three-year-old pooch, Coleraine Coastguard were on hand to save the day.

Due to their incredible excavation work, the pet was recovered uninjured.

Angela thanked the Coastguard for their work, adding: “They were totally absolutely amazing, I cannot thank them enough. We are so grateful for everything they did.”

In a Facebook post, Coleraine Coastguard said: “Coleraine and Ballycastle CRTs were tasked on Friday afternoon to a report of a dog trapped in a coastal cave at Portbradden at the western end of Whiterocks Beach.

“The cheeky canine had slipped away from his owner to go exploring.

“After a bit of excavation work from the team, the dog was recovered safe and sound. It’s not all glamour this job, you know!”

Thankfully, Roxie is now recovering well after her ruff experience.

Roxie and Bella home safe. Credit: Family photo