Thousands of protesters march on Dáil over Donegal mica scandal

Up to 10,000 protesters have marched on the Irish Parliament in Dublin in support of people affected by the defective block scandal in Co Donegal.

They are demanding the Irish Government pay 100% redress to property owners with homes damaged or destroyed by defective blocks.

The blocks contain the mineral muscovite mica, causing them to absorb water and crumble.

Up to 5,000 homes in Donegal contain mica.

Many face demolition.

Holiday homes owners from Northern Ireland are also affected, but people not resident in the Republic of Ireland and second home owners are locked out of the current redress scheme.

Campaigners claim it is not fit for purpose, leaving homeowners with bills of tens of thousands of euros.

The demonstration in Dublin reached the gates of Leinster House, Ireland’s government buildings and leading campaigners were led inside for talks with the Housing Minister.

Another protest by Mica homeowners is expected to take place this week Credit: Niall Carson/PA

It is understood a commitment was made to re-examine the current redress scheme over the next six weeks.

On Tuesday evening, politicians inside the Dáil will debate a Sinn Féin motion calling for a 100% redress scheme.

The mica campaign in Donegal has gathered momentum in recent weeks.

The manager of the Republic of Ireland’s international football team, Stephen Kenny, has become the latest high-profile personality to back the campaign, adding his support in a social media video.

A message of solidarity has also been painted onto Free Derry Corner.