How can we make our air cleaner to help us and the environment?

Off the back of Clean Air Day, our Weather Presenter Louise Small has been looking at the issue of air pollution. Credit: UTV

Air pollution is one of the largest causes of preventable deaths across the UK and globally.

The World Health Organisation and the UK Government have officially recognised that air pollution is the largest environmental health risk we face today.

"Asthma, COPD and so on are quite serious problems in Northern Ireland and they are either caused by or aggravated by a wide range of pollution," says environmental consultant Tom Woolley.

Environmental consultant Tom Woolley Credit: UTV

"We get problems from emissions from industry, from agriculture, from traffic and also from chemicals that are inside buildings from building materials and paints to cleaning materials," Tom explained.

"Even, rather strangely air fresheners are one of the worst polluters you can put in your house," Tom added.

As Northern Ireland, and the rest of the world continues to live through the Coronavirus pandemic, outdoor life has become more important for many people.

That has triggered fresh concerns for many about how clean the air is that they breath.

Experts say we can take simple steps to improve the air quality around us, such as cycling or walking instead of driving, and moving away from gas boilers and wood burners.

People are also advised to keep an eye on air pollution warnings so they can choose when is best to go outside.