Bradley apologises over DUP's history of LGBT comments

The deputy leader of the DUP has labelled the practice of conversion therapy as barbaric.

Paula Bradley was speaking as part of a virtual Pink News event on Thursday evening, alongside other Northern Ireland party leaders.

Earlier this year, she and four other DUP MLAs abstained on a Stormont motion calling for it to be banned.

The North Belfast MLA also apologised for any negative comments made against the LGBT community by her party in the past.

Ms Bradley said: "I am not going to defend some of the things that have been said over the years because they have been absolutely atrocious, they have been shocking.

"I certainly couldn't stand by many of those comments, in fact all of those comments, because I know the hurt that they cause people."

John O’Doherty from The Rainbow Project welcomed the comments and said he hoped it represented "the first step towards significant change within the DUP".