Two Co Down children with Down's Syndrome modelling for charity calendar

Two Co Down children with Down’s Syndrome are to be the stars of a charity calendar in the Republic of Ireland. 10 year Jay and 8 year old Lucie McCullough recently travelled to Dublin with their mum Zoë to help raise money for the Down Syndrome Centre. However, it’s not the pair’s first time modelling - they have previously been involved in billboard campaigns, adverts and cat walks.

Lucie modelling on the catwalk.

"They really enjoy standing in front of the camera posing." Zoë told UTV.

"They are capable of doing it. They love seeing themselves on the TV or billboards or driving down the road, Lucie will see herself on a bus stop and be like 'that's me' and it's lovely.

The pair both had life saving heart surgery when they were just born and now have regular check ups.

"Both exceed expectation quite often. They've both done really well," Zoë explained.

Jay had major heart surgery when he was born but that has not stopped him modelling. Credit: Rising Talent Agency

"It's nice to show that kids like them can do it. I wouldn't want to be having everyone think that everybody is going capable - that isn't the necessarily the case but these two are fit and able so why not."

Jay and Lucie's younger brother Archie has also started modelling too.

6 year old brother Archie has caught the modelling bug. Credit: Rising Talent Agency

The trio from Waringstown are represented by an agency called Rising Talent - they are one of just a few companies in the industry who represent disabled models and actors like Jay and Lucie. "The McCullough's are total pros honestly. We really believe in inclusivity - we live in such a wonderfully diverse world and we believe that that diversity should be celebrated," said Pamela Cassels Totton from the agency.

Archie, Lucie and Jay McCullough in a joint photoshoot. Credit: Rising Talent Agency

"Gone are the days where we pigeon hole models into a specific height and look," she added.

"They can do what's attainable within their ability - not to overestimate what's possible because sometimes I think that gets lost," Zoe said.

"Every child is different and what my kids are capable of, some kids might not be capable of."