Three man band jamming through lockdown over Zoom calls

A three man band from Northern Ireland, who formed in the 1990s, say they're more productive than ever over the pandemic.

Despite not playing together in person for the last year and a half, The Long Stay have recorded and released two new singles.

"We have been more productive during lockdown. With Zoom, we've learnt that if we have an idea, just record," said Brendan Donnelly from the band.

"To be honest, I think the three of us thought that the music would suffer but it's been the opposite," added Sean McAuley, a singer and guitarist in the band.

"We do drafts and stuff via Zoom meetings but offline, we're all IT guys and everyone's got their own recordings - the hardware and software - we're all using digital workstations.

"The pandemic wasn't going to stop us. It was a challenge for us for sure. But it's the way that we've always done music, fellow bandmate, Brendan McCullough explained.

"The three of us would sit down with guitars and work our way through."

The Long Stay performing together in person before the start of the pandemic.

The band hope their new single 'Sometimes' will help others through their lows.

Everyday you get up, you don't know what challenges you're going to face. Anything can change," Brendan Donnelly said

"I think the message is to just stay strong," he added.

The Long Stay formed in the 1990s.

"Most time we're not able to get out of the way of things that are coming towards us," Brendan McCullough said.

"We have to face them head on and that is probably never more true than the pandemic.