Irish diplomats supported by military set for Afghanistan to help with evacuation

Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan Credit: PA

A team of Irish diplomats supported by military were expected to travel to Afghanistan to help evacuate remaining citizens in the country.

Some 36 Irish citizens and family members remained in the country.

On Monday evening, Irish Foreign Affairs minister Simon Coveney confirmed he would approve the sending of a small team of diplomats, supported by Army Rangers, to Kabul Airport.

“They’ll work with our international partners on the ground to assist in evacuation of remaining Irish citizens,” he tweeted.

Earlier, the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that 10 Irish people have been evacuated.

“The situation remains volatile and access to the airport continues to be a problem. Work continues on options for evacuation, the department is in ongoing contact with EU and other partners on the ground in Kabul,” the spokesperson said.

“There are also a small number of Irish citizens who are working for UN and international organisations and currently plan to stay in Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile the first cohort of Afghan refugees were expected to land in Ireland on Monday evening.

The Irish government has agreed to receive around 200 refugees under the International Refugee Protection Programme.