Denmark, Switzerland and Canada added to Northern Ireland's green list

Belfast International Airport Pacemaker Press
The changes came into force at around 4am this morning. Credit: UTV

A number of changes to Northern Ireland's travel lists came into force early this morning.

From 4am, Demark, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the Azores and Canada have been added to the Green list.

There are still certain travel restrictions in place for Green list passengers.

Those arriving into Northern Ireland must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result taken up to three days before departure.

They must also book and pay for a day two COVID-19 PCR test , along with complete a UK passenger locator form within 48 hours of departure.

There is no requirement to self-isolate or book a day eight COVID-19 PCR test if travelling to Northern Ireland from a country on the Green list. No changes have been made to the amber list but both Thailand and Montenegro have been added to Red list.

Anyone coming from these countries must book and enter hotel quarantine for 10 days, which includes post arrival tests.

Passengers must also provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result taken up to three days before departure.

However, those working in the industry have said the traffic light system is causing confusion,

Damian Murphy from the Association of NI Travel Agents has described it as being no longer fit for purpose.

"The traffic light system was set up by the government taskforce. It was intended to facilitate travel to make it fairly straightforward and be easily understood.

"The experts in our industry are struggling to understand it at times.

"We can compare the model to the model in the South of Ireland where if you're double vaccinated, you just do your QR code and you travel freely," Damian explained.

"So our system is more complicated and it's causing confusion everywhere if we're being honest about it."