Leader of Catholic Church in Ireland meets victim of paedophile priest

UTV can reveal the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland has met a victim of predatory paedophile priest Malachy Finegan. 

Significantly, that meeting was held in the very place Anthony Gribben was abused as a boy.

And along with Eamon Martin he retraced his steps of what happened to him within the walls of St Colman's college. 

Describing the encounter as cathartic, Anthony says the archbishop said he would back any inquiry into Finegan's activities.

“There was one point when it got quite emotional,” he said.

“Dr Martin was with me on every corridor, every room, every former dormitory, listened to my story extremely engaged and shocked.

“We talked about quite important issues, top of which I would say was the opportunity to have an independent public enquiry into Finegan and how his behaviour was able to go unchecked for quite a number of years.

“Very supportive, Dr Martin was extremely engaged, understood why we were putting this proposal to him and said yes, he would be fully ready to cooperate.”