Owners confirm sale of Barry’s Amusements in Portrush

Barry's Amusements in Portrush has been closed since it went on the market two years ago.

Barry’s Amusements in Portush has been sold and the business will now close, its owners have confirmed in a statement.

The attraction has been a much loved entertainment spot for locals for decades but the arcade shut its doors after nearly a century in business and went on the market nearly two years ago.

It was reported last month that it had been sold to a property developer.

On Monday, the Trufelli family, who owned the venue confirmed its sale, saying: "We wish to thank all our loyal full-time and seasonal employees for their patience and understanding during the sale process, and for the key role they played in making Barry’s such a special place for the generations of people who visited us over the years.

"As a family, we understand what a special place Barry’s held in many peoples’ hearts for almost a century.

"We hope you cherish your memories as much as we do.”