Marian Brown: Pregnant teenager killed at height of the Troubles

  • Video report by Sharon O'Neill

Tonight UTV can reveal the harrowing human story of a tragedy at the height of the Troubles.

It comes just days after The Ministry of Defence settled a compensation case with the family of a pregnant teenager who was killed.

Marian Brown and her young boyfriend had just visited her mother, to tell her that she was expecting.

Thomas Corrigan tells of the moment both ran for cover after shots rang out and how to this day he still thinks of the young woman he would have married and the child they would have had.

Despite this he believes its now time to move on from the past.

Mr Corrigan said: "It was so unfair. Marian was only 17, I was 16. She was pregnant with our child.

"The worst part about it was that I wished that it was me that was dead and not Marian.

"Marian was a lovely person, she was just a genuinely lovely, lovely girl.

"She loved dancing, she was non-political in any way shape or form, both of us were.

"And we just loved life at that point..."