Police make 10 arrests over three nights in Holyland area of Belfast

  • Video report by Marc Mallett

Police say that they have made ten arrests in the Holyland area of south Belfast over the last three nights.

Three people have also been reported to the Public Prosecution Service. Thirteen community resolution notices have also been issued along with ten penalty notices; while 3,500 items of alcohol have been recovered from people who had gathered on streets.

One resident told us that he feels like he's being "robbed of joy".

He said: "It's all sorts of carrying on. The bottles and the glass and the rubbish on the streets.

"I walk my kids to school and I have to sometimes carry them.

"I sometimes feel like I'm robbed of joy... I try and get to work and I've slept like five hours because it's on broken sleep.

"Something has got to change."