Man arrested in north Belfast over multimillion-dollar fraud in US

PSNI car Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

A man has been arrested in Belfast over a multimillion-dollar fraud in the United States.

The 33-year-old was arrested after his car was pulled over in Clifton Street in the north of the city on Thursday.

Officers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Extradition and International Mutual Assistance Unit were acting on an international extradition warrant.

Inspector Gareth Thompson said it came after co-ordination between a number of police departments.

“The driver of the car was identified as being the subject of an outstanding extradition warrant in relation to a multimillion-dollar fraud in the United States of America,” he said.

“A number of police vehicles were then involved in safely bringing the car to a stop on Clifton Street where the suspect was subsequently arrested. He will now appear at the Extradition Court in Belfast on Friday 1 October.

“A great deal of work and co-ordination was involved between a number of police departments in the successful execution of this arrest and this is also an excellent example of police working with information received from members of the community to put those suspected of criminal activity before the courts.”