Police appeal after series of drink spiking incidents in Derry

Police in Londonderry are appealing for anyone who suspects they may have had their drink spiked on Saturday night to get in touch.

They said they responded to an incident in the city.Drinks left unattended at a nightclub are easy targets for those wishing to put something into them

One teenage girl was taken to hospital in an ambulance after she suspected having her drink spiked.

Police Inspector McManus said, "We are aware of a related post on social media, which states that several individuals had their drinks spiked in the city,".

"Drink spiking can, of course, result in the most serious of harm," the senior officer added.

SDLP assembly member Sinead McLaughlin has called on the Justice Minister Naomi Long for a review into the legislation surrounding spiking drinks, after social media claims from a woman who said her daughter reported five so called spiking incidents in one bar on Saturday. Naomi Long said she would be discussing the matter with the PSNI on Friday.