Garth Brooks to perform five Croke Park gigs

Garth Brooks will play five gigs in Dublin next year, after a further three dates were added due to demand from his Irish fan base.

Tickets went on sale for his planned two concerts at Croke Park next September on Thursday morning.

Within 40 minutes, an extra date was added and will take place on Sunday September 11.

At 10am, a further two dates were announced which will take place on Friday September 16 and Saturday 17.

Country music star Garth Brooks on the roof of Croke Park in Dublin Credit: Niall Carson/PA

Tickets went on sale immediately.

Within minutes of the first two concerts going on sale at 8am, almost 300,000 people were waiting to snap up tickets to see the country music star.

The demand for tickets could see all five concerts sell out.

Croke Park was given permission by Dublin City Council to allow up to five gigs.

The country music star’s five concerts in 2014 were cancelled following a licensing dispute with local authorities.

Dublin City Council said at the time that it would only grant licences for three of the concerts at the Dublin venue, however the singer refused to perform unless all five went ahead.

At a press conference in Dublin on Monday, Brooks said that while he would love to perform five gigs in the Drumcondra stadium, he “can’t see it”.

“I’d love to do five, but I’d also love to be 6ft 5in with abs,” he told reporters.

“What happened in 2014 was a miracle. Who does numbers like that? We got 400,00 hard tickets in one city and it’s impossible, there’s no way we are going to do that number again. There is just no way.”

An emotional Mr Brooks went on to say it was “impossible”.

He also said that his Irish fans will now have a chance to see him perform.

“What was meant to start this whole thing, is now going to be where this whole thing ends,” he said.

“If there is a blessing in what happened in that curse in 2014, it’s the fact that there is a chance that this artist and those people, who are sweet enough to get tickets, now have a chance to see each other again.”