Tyrone mum fears disabled son will have to move outside of Northern Ireland

A Co Tyrone mother says she is fearful that her disabled son will have to move to Scotland or the Republic of Ireland to receive permanent care.

Ciara Gilliland's son Ben O'Neill is currently being cared for in a short term residential care facility in Omagh near his home in Victoria Bridge.

The 13 year old suffers from Kabuki, an extremely rare condition and has severe difficulties with complex needs meaning he cannot be cared for at home.

Ciara calls Ben her Kabuki boy - he has the most severe form of the condition ever diagnosed.

Ben with his mother Ciara on their weekly visit.

Ciara can only see her son once a week in short 15 minute visits - however, these visits are now in jeopardy.

"I've been told that Ben will be there till Christmas but after Christmas I just don't know where Ben is going to be.

"There is nowhere in Northern Ireland for children like Ben. My options are that Ben is sent to Scotland or Dublin, Navan and the closest, Cavan.

"It would have a great effect on Ben. He's been took away from everything familiar to him.

"I would just be absolutely devastated. My heart would just be broke.

Ciara is now appealing to the authorities, in particular the Department of Health to take action to make sure her son can continue to be cared for in Northern Ireland.

"I would love them to come and meet Ben and myself to come and see the special bond we have," Ciara said.