Aidan Mann funeral hears tattoo artist best in Northern Ireland and 'one in a trillion'

Mourners at the funeral of murder victim Aidan Mann heard the tattoo artist was "one in a trillion".

The 28-year-old, who was also known as Zen Black, was stabbed to death a week ago in Downpatrick.

At a service in Bangor on Monday morning, mourners were asked not to mourn a death but to celebrate a life.

Brother Lewis paid an emotional tribute, describing Aidan as "one in a trillion".

The humanist service, featured several of Aidan's favourite songs and was told of their love for art and of boats as well as creating murals.

In an emotional address, younger brother, Lewis, told mourners there were "absolutely no words" to describe his sibling.

"I'm very good with words but I can't find the words for Aidan. You say people are one in a million - Aidan was one in a trillion," he said.

"He was my protector, he was my older brother ... we did so much together and we had so much planned together.

"I told everyone I knew - didn't care whether they liked tattoos or not - that Aidan was the best tattooist in Northern Ireland. I am so proud of him.

"He was a big, gentle soul ... this didn't need to happen. He was the best person on the face of the Earth."

A 36-year-old man has been charged with Aidan's murder.

Barry Donnelly, of Church Street, Downpatrick, appeared in court by videolink from police custody last week.

Donnelly is accused of Aidan's murder and possessing “two large kitchen knives” in public close to his home on Church Street, Downpatrick, on Monday January 3.