Do or die: Belfast public divided on getting pig organ transplant

UTV reporter Emma Patterson asks people in Belfast if they would accept an animal organ transplant in a case of 'do or die'.

In a medical first, doctors in the United States have transplanted a pig heart into a patient, in a last ditch effort to save his life.

David Bennett (57) was ineligible for a human heart transplant and had no other option, his son said.

The surgery is the first of its kind and it's hoped that if it's successful it could be a game changer in medicine.

But the question now is would you do the same? UTV asked people in Belfast for their views - and opinions were divided.

One man said the idea was "just too weird", while another said animal organ transplant just "doesn't seem right".

"I think it would be okay," one woman told us. "To extend your life? Go for it."

Another woman we asked said she "definitely" wouldn't want to do it - but added that her husband would.

She said: "We had a wee chat this morning about this. He said 'that's fantastic'."

Others said they would wait and see if more people take it and how they get it.

"If you are running out of time," said one man, "it may be any port in a storm... or any pig in a storm."