Northern Ireland woman caught up in Tonga volcanic eruption in bid to escape 'acid rain'

A Northern Ireland woman has talked of her experience after she was caught up in the volcanic eruption in Tonga which was so powerful images were captured from satellites orbiting Earth. 

And now the race is on for her to flee the region after warnings of more disruption and possibly acid rain.

The full extent of devastation is still to be realised by the devastating quake and resulting tsunami. Shockwaves were felt around the world. 

Tsunamis were triggered across the South Pacific - as far reaching as the West Coast of the US. 

Portrush native Michelle Christie - who is sailing her way across the globe - was in Fiji when the explosion happened. She has been in the region for the past nine months.

"It all happened quiet fast," she told UTV.

"We heard loud bangs consistently for about 30 minutes.... we thought it was fireworks or thunder. Then the activity in the water changed."

After sitting it out for a day the explorer moved location. They are preparing for heavy rain and have been warned of acid rain.

"We are not sure how that will effect the boat, so we are getting out of here."