The victims of Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday was one of the darkest days in Northern Ireland's history which saw 13 people killed and another 15 injured when soldiers from the Parachute Regiment opened fire on civil rights demonstrators. A 14th man, John Johnston died four months later.

The Bloody Sunday victims

– Patrick Doherty, 31

Tony Doherty son of Patrick Doherty. Pic PA

The married father-of-six was shot from behind as he attempted to crawl to safety from the forecourt of Rossville Flats.

– Gerald Donaghey, 17

The IRA youth member was shot in the abdomen while running between Glenfada Park and Abbey Park. While Lord Saville said it was probable that he was in possession of nail bombs when he was shot, he stressed that he was not preparing to throw a nail bomb at the time and was shot “while trying to escape from the soldiers”.

– John ‘Jackie’ Duddy, 17

The first to be killed on Bloody Sunday, the teenager was running away when he was shot in the chest in the car park of Rossville Flats.

John Kelly, brother of Michael Kelly who was killed on Bloody Sunday Credit: Liam McBurney/PA

– Hugh Gilmour, 17

The talented footballer and ardent Liverpool fan was hit with a single shot as he ran away from the rubble barricade in Rossville Street.

– Michael Kelly, 17

The trainee sewing machine mechanic was shot once in the abdomen close to the rubble barricade in Rossville Street by a soldier crouched some 80 yards away at Kells Walk.

– Michael McDaid, 20

The barman died instantly after being shot in the face at the barricade in Rossville Street.

– Kevin McElhinney, 17

The grocery store worker was shot from behind as he crawled towards Rossville Flats.

Pictured: Tony Doherty son of Patrick Doherty, Jean Hegarty sister of Kevin McElhinney, John Kelly brother of Michael Kelly, Margaret Wray sister of Jim Wray and Joe McKinney brother of William McKinney, hold images of their loved ones killed on Bloody Sunday in Derry's Bogside in 1972.

– Bernard ‘Barney’ McGuigan, 41

The father-of-six was going to the aid of Patrick Doherty, waving a white handkerchief, when he was shot in the head with a single round. He died instantly.

– Gerard McKinney, 35

The father-of-eight was running close behind Gerald Donaghey in Abbey Park when the bullet that killed both of them hit him first.

Two men walk past the Bloody Sunday mural that depicts the death of Jackie Duddy with Father Edward Daly. Credit: Liam McBurney/PA

– William ‘Willie’ McKinney , 27

The keen amateur film-maker, who was not related to Gerard McKinney, recorded scenes from the march with his hand-held cinecamera before the shooting started.

The camera was found in his jacket pocket as he lay dying after being shot in the back in Glenfada Park.

– William Nash, 19

The dock worker was struck by a single bullet to the chest close to the rubble barricade in Rossville Street.

– James Wray, 22

The civil rights activist, who was engaged to be married, was shot twice in the back in Glenfada Park.

– John Young, 17

The menswear shop clerk was killed instantly with a single shot to the head at the rubble barricade.

– Fifteen other people were injured

John Johnston

He died four months later in hospital, but while many consider him the 14th victim of Bloody Sunday, his death was formally attributed to an inoperable brain tumour.

The soldiers who fired were targeting 15-year-old Damien Donaghy, who was struck in the thigh.

As well as Mr Johnston and Damien, the others injured in the shootings were: Michael Bradley, 22, Michael Bridge, 25, Alana Burke, 18, Patrick Campbell, 51, Margaret Deery, 31, Joseph Friel, 22, Danny Gillespie, 32, Patrick McDaid, 25, Daniel McGowan, 38, Joseph Mahon, 16, Alexander Nash, 51, Patrick O’Donnell, 41, and Michael Quinn, 17.

– Shortly after Damien was shot at, two members of the Official IRA fired at the building, but Lord Saville made clear that the first shots were from the soldiers’ rifles.