Sister of murdered Mark Hall had gun held to head before 'barbaric' Belfast attack

The sister of a man shot dead in front of his family, had a gun held to her head during the ordeal, it can be revealed.

New information has shed more light on the circumstances surrounding Mark Hall's death in December last year.

Police have issued CCTV footage of the victim's last movements and of the gunman.

The 31-year-old was killed in his family home when shots were fired through the window of his mother's house on Rodney Drive in west Belfast.

His sister was shot as two gunmen fled the scene.

Police released CCTV showing footage of Mr Hall's last movements just before the attack on December 18.

It shows Mr Hall making his way through the St James's area towards his mother's home just before the attack.

It also shows the two gunmen arrive in the area in a vehicle.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil McGuinness said: "Mark Hall was shot dead in a barbaric gun attack.

Forensics at the scene of Mark Hall's murder. Credit: Pacemaker

"That afternoon, at approximately 4.35pm, two gunmen fired shots through the front window of his family home. Mark was critically wounded, and sadly later died in hospital.

"To encourage witnesses to come forward, we have released CCTV footage.

"It shows Mark's last movements, as he travelled through the St James's area to the family home on Rodney Drive.

"The footage also shows a silver vehicle, which we believe had a yellow taxi sign on its roof, turn from Donegal Road into St James's Crescent and stop.

"We believe the footage then shows the two gunmen exit from the rear passenger door of the vehicle, before they walk along an alleyway which runs behind the houses on St James's Crescent and Rodney Drive.

"Did you see Mark as he made his final journey to his family home on Rodney Drive?

"Did you see the silver car arrive or leave the area? Did you see the two people who got out of the car?

"We believe the gunmen were wearing dark clothing with hoods pulled over their heads. Did you see the shooting? Did you see the gunmen leave the area?

"This violent, deadly attack has left behind a heartbroken family. It has left an entire community united in shock and fearful that such a violent attack should happen in a busy residential area, as many people prepared for Christmas.

"If you have any information, no matter how uncertain you may be or insignificant it may seem, please do the right thing and call us."