Northern Ireland Census 2021: When results will be revealed and what we will learn

The census provides a snap shot of life in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Statistics and Research Agency (Nisra) has revealed the schedule for publication of the 2021 census.

March 21 last year was Census Day and around 80,000 households took time out to complete the forms on the day.

In all 97% of the population completed the forms, the highest level of engagement since 1991. Households had the option of completing the survey in either traditional paper format or online. Around 1million people visited the official website between February and mid-May.

The Census provides a comprehensive snapshot of Northern Ireland society. Packs were sent to 840,000 addresses across Northern Ireland.

Census Director Dr David Marshall said: “The Census is a mammoth exercise and we are working hard to process, code and quality assure the census data. The first results will be published by June 2022 - just a few months from now. We will also publish key statistics on equality and identity later this year.”

The first results on population statistics will be published by June 2022, with further results published in stages until summer 2023. The first set of results will include the population figure statistics by age, sex and number of households and the residents.

  • Autumn results: Nationality, demography, ethnicity, country of birth, passports held, religion, religion or religion brought up in, language, sexual orientation, health, disability and unpaid care.

  • Winter 2022/23: Labour market statistics and qualifications.

  • Spring/Summer 2023: Main census topics.

  • Summer 2023: Breakdown of statistics by all geographically areas.

Dr Marshall thanked the public for their participation.

“We have had a fantastic response to the Census and I want to thank everyone who responded. It was great to see people playing their part in shaping public services and helping government departments, businesses, charities and other organisations understand the needs of our population.”