Storm Franklin set to hit UK as Met Office issues weather warnings - what to expect

Amber and yellow weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office Credit: Met Office

Winds of up to 80mph could soon hit the UK as communities recover from the effects of Storm Dudley and Storm Eunice.

Storm Franklin has been named by the Met Office today (February 20) and is due to hit later this evening.

Northern areas of Northern Ireland are covered by an amber wind warning that will be in force from early Monday morning (February 21). Within the warning area, winds could reach higher than 80mph in exposed coastal areas, but more widely between 60 and 70mph. Damage to buildings is possible, and there is likely to be travel disruption.  

Wind gusts are thankfully expected to be lower than those brought in by Storm Eunice, which triggered two red weather warnings.

An extended yellow warning for wind covers large areas of the UK - within which wind gusts could reach 65-75mph in coastal areas, and more widely 50-60mph further inland.

The coasts of the northwest of England and the southwest of Scotland could see gusts of up to 75mph for a short period on Sunday night and early Monday morning.  

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Andy Page said: “Following the significant impacts of Storm Eunice on Friday, Storm Franklin will bring further high winds for many late on Sunday and into Monday, although not on the same scale as Eunice.  

“Coastal areas of Northern Ireland, especially on that north coast, will get the strongest wind gusts, which could be around 80mph in a few places.

"Amber and yellow wind warnings have been issued, and people should remain cautious ahead of the system that will bring 50-60mph wind gusts for much of the UK from late on Sunday and through Monday.” 

When are the weather warnings in place?

An amber weather warning for wind covering parts of Northern Ireland will be in place between 12am and 7am tomorrow.

A yellow weather warning for rain is in force until 6pm today in the northwest of England, with heavy rain expected through much of Sunday.  

A yellow weather warning for wind, covering Wales, Northern Ireland, the southwest coast of Scotland and the whole of England, apart from the North East, will come into place at 12pm today and will finish at 1pm tomorrow.

RAC Breakdown Spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Drivers will be glad to see the back of Storm Eunice but it looks like conditions on the roads will remain challenging right through the weekend.

"With winds still strong and gusty, it’s important drivers don’t take any chances, so we urge them to slow down and leave plenty of space between themselves and the vehicle in front.

“It’s not just strong winds that they’ll need to contend with – on Sunday intense rainfall becomes a feature making driving arduous.

"If conditions get particularly bad again, people should consider postponing their journeys, and for those who have to drive, it’s vital they keep their wits about them at all times.”