UTV taking the small steps to have less of an impact on the environment in climate change battle

UTV has been striving to make programmes in a more sustainable manner. Pic UTV
UTV has been striving to make programmes in a more sustainable manner. Credit: UTV

By Ali Fleming

UTV productions consistently aim to have an impact on our audiences, but now we are striving to have less of an impact on the environment. Working across all our local programming, including UTV at the Show, Up Close, UTV Life and View From Stormont we are now Albert certified.

What is this?

It's BAFTA’s sustainable production certification scheme focuses on reducing the environmental impact of productions. We want to ensure our programmes are made as sustainably as possible.

We feel passionately about maintaining a greener planet. All our teams are embracing our green objectives and making positive changes, with steps as simple as powering down computers when not in use, but also closely monitoring our carbon footprint.

Our coverage includes special reports on global warming and the on-going impact on the environment. Our in depth Up Close on Climate Change highlighted green issues to our audience challenging politicians to do more, and we had extensive coverage of COP26 across our programming.

When it comes to filming on location, we have purchased rechargeable batteries and chargers for use with the microphones in our kit and only use these batteries when filming. Our self shooting kit uses LED lighting which has the lowest emission rating of any lighting option. We strive to maintain an efficient shooting ratio, as less footage requires less storage and less battery power, helping to lower our carbon footprint. Making video calls, instead of travelling distances to meetings. And using Zoom interviews when feasible with contributors to the programme. This all contributes to a substantially lower carbon footprint. All our vehicles are now hybrid, and if we do need taxis, we will always request request low emission/hybrid taxis. If we do need to stay in a hotel overnight, or use one as a filming location, we will look to book venues with a sustainability policy which are close to our filming location. All pre-production work is done on shared google drive documents, eliminating the need for paper.

Small steps, but ones that collectively can have a massive impact on our planet.