Waves of aid on the way to Ukraine from Northern Ireland as the war intensifies

From the North, East and South, Russian forces are closing in on Ukraine and the attacks are intensifying. The seventh day of Russia's invasion has seen Ukraine left to count the colossal civilian cost of what Putin once claimed was a solely military operation.

Ukrainian native Nadia Dobrianska was forced to flee Kyiv on Thursday. She used to live and study in Belfast, writing about the troubles here but now violence is very much her own reality.

"Now that Russians are targeting civilians I'm pretty sure that they could have started shelling us at any time just for the craic," Nadia says.

"Everybody is mobilised and raging about the losses but nobody is going to forgive Russia for what they're doing. That's for sure," she affirms.

"They have killed 2000 civilians in 7 days according to the Ukrainian government. So if they continue at this pace we might all be killed in (our) millions.

In the South Eastern city of Mariupol, Ukrainian authorities fear that hundreds of people may be dead after hours of relentless Russian shelling.

The United Nations estimate more that 800,000 people have now fled. While war rages on, a surge of humanitarian aid rises to meet it.

Colin Tinsley from Kinallen County Down was running children's camps in Krakow when the war broke out.

Now his focus on delivering donations and supplies from Northern Ireland across to Poland's border with Ukraine.

"The whole thing within the last couple of days has gone viral and this Saturday we have got 50 drops all over Northern Ireland," Colin Tinsley tells UTV.

"Schools are getting involved communities are getting involved, so many people. Literally next week, there will be containers travelling from Northern Ireland to Poland and on to Ukraine if need be to go directly to the children to the families who need aid and need help," he adds.

Meanwhile Ukrainians here in Northern Ireland have been forced to watch on as their home becomes a battleground. Ksenia, a former pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars, is using her skills to raise support for the Ukrainian cause.

It appears that a second round of talks between Russia and Ukraine are set to take place. But while Russia's war juggernaut continues to roll on, the humanitarian crisis across Europe looks set to deepen.