Bangor domestic abuser's arrest caught on camera after violent attack on wife

This is the moment a domestic abuser is arrested after a violent attack on his wife in their home before he then turns on police.

The father of two flew into a violent rage when he discovered his terrified wife was sleeping with their young children. 

He dragged her by the hair out of the bed, got on top of her and then put his hands around her throat and tried to choke her.

He then raised his fist to strike her. He told her “he was going to kill her this time". 

His terrified wife Jenny pleaded with him to stop but his attack continued.

Despite the screams of their children, he dragged her down the stairs and tried to throw her out of the house.

Jenny eventually escaped with the children and raised the alarm with a neighbour. Enraged Hunter then began to smash up furniture, a TV and pictures in their home.

Hunter was later convicted of threats to kill and assault on his wife but managed to avoid jail.

After the marriage ended in 2019, he moved on to a new partner who became pregnant with their child.

When she told him she was ending the relationship because she was afraid of him, he pushed her into an alley and kicked her a number of times.

A witness saw him kicking her in the stomach, which was later described in court as a “disgusting act".

The victim was left with bruising to her legs and suffered other injuries. Hunter also assaulted police officers during his arrest.

Last Autumn, Hunter was jailed for 10 months at Ballymena Crown Court and a Restraining Order was imposed on him. The judge ordered him not to develop personal relations with other adults without notifying his probation officer.

Jenny's story features on UTV's UP Close.

The current affairs programme investigates a dramatic increase in extreme violence against women in Northern Ireland.

Presented by UTV reporter Sarah Clarke, she speaks to local families and survivors left devastated by domestic violence, and asks key statutory bodies, politicians, charities and the legal profession what more can be done to protect both women and children.

Some men are speaking out and Sarah heads to Larne Football Club, where players are the first in the Irish League to sign up to the ‘White Ribbon Campaign’ where they have pledged to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. 

Players and Manager Tiernan Lynch talk about what it means to them, and hope that others will follow their example.

Sarah said: “This programme not only highlights the tragedy that can follow from domestic violence, but also asks serious questions about our so-called civilised society, what can be done to change attitudes and how the legal system could support victims better. 

"Whilst the stories are harrowing, survivors have told us there is hope and help is out there for victims.

“We thank everyone involved in the programme for the part they have played in highlighting this issue, especially the victims’ families for their bravery and dignity.”

‘Up Close –Home Terror’ airs on Thursday March 10 at 10.45pm on UTV. You can watch the show again here.