DUP deputy leader Paula Bradley and MLA William Humphrey won’t contest Assembly election

DUP deputy leader Paula Bradley.
DUP deputy leader Paula Bradley. Credit: Presseye

The deputy leader of the Democratic Unionist Party has confirmed she will not contest the upcoming Assembly elections in Northern Ireland.

Paula Bradley, who represents the North Belfast constituency, has told her party that she will not run in the poll in early May.

It is understood that she is not leaving the party, but stepping back to look after her elderly mother.

She will continue as deputy leader of the party until at least the annual general meeting in June.

Ms Bradley, seen as one of the more liberal voices in the DUP, became deputy leader last year, having been an MLA since 2011.

Meanwhile, fellow DUP MLA William Humphrey has also confirmed he will not be standing in the election either after 17 years of service.

“As someone born and raised in the Woodvale, where I have lived my entire life, I consider it a great honour to have served as an elected representative for North Belfast and Greater Shankill,” Mr Humphrey said, of his time at Stormont and in Belfast City Council.

The former Belfast High Sheriff and Deputy Lord Mayor has since served as chair of a number of Stormont committees.

“I wish to sincerely thank all those who have supported, voted and worked for me during my time in public office,” Mr Humphrey said.

“As a lifelong Unionist and proud member of the Loyal Orders, I will remain committed to the great and honourable cause of Unionism.”