Two baby Bongos become Belfast Zoo's newest members

The two new baby bongos at Belfast Zoo. Credit: UTV

Two new baby bongos are bouncing around their new home at Belfast Zoo after being born just last month.

The calves, which are yet to have their gender identified. The two mothers are called Surali and Kibibi.

They are Eastern Mountain Bongos, the second largest antelope in the world.

The species is critically endangered in the wild with only up to 300 remaining in the wild in northern Kenya.

One of the new baby bongos. Credit: UTV

Zookeeper Nick Simpson-Eyre said, "We're incredibly proud of our two new bongo calves."

He added," Both mothers are captive born and bred and a really important part of the breeding programme.

"It is paramount to keep a healthy genetic pool for captive resources but the Kenyan authorities are now starting to release and re-wild captive-born bongos into the wild."

The zoo says it is still trying to work out the personalities of each of the new animals.

"They are still quite shy and tend to just huddle together which is a natural behaviour," said Nick.